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Mameluke, mameluke[´mæmil(j)u:k] n 1. ист. мамелюк; 2. роб.

English-Bulgarian dictionary. 2013.

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  • Mameluke — Mam e*luke, n. [F. mamelouk, cf. Sp. mameluco, It. mammalucco; all fr. Ar. maml[=u]k a purchased slave or captive; lit., possessed or in one s power, p. p. of malaka to possesses.] One of a body of mounted soldiers recruited from slaves converted …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Mameluke — Egyptian dynasty 1254 1517, originally a military unit comprised of Caucasian slaves, from M.Fr. mameluk and directly from Arabic mamluk purchased slave, lit. possessed, from pp. of malaka he possessed (Cf. Arabic malik, Hebrew melekh king ) …   Etymology dictionary

  • Mameluke — [mam′ə lo͞ok΄] n. [obs Fr mameluk < Ar mamlūk, slave, lit., one possessed < malaka, to possess] 1. a member of a military caste, orig. made up of slaves, that ruled in Egypt from 1250 until 1517 and remained powerful until 1811 2. [m ] in… …   English World dictionary

  • Mameluke sword — Napoleon in Egypt with a Mameluke sword A Mameluke sword is a cross hilted, curved, scimitar like sword historically derived from sabres used by Mamluk warriors of Mamluk Egypt from whom the sword derives its name. It is related to the shamshir …   Wikipedia

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  • mameluke — noun /ˈmaməluːk/ A member of a military regime created and run originally by freed white slaves, which formed a ruling caste in Egypt from 1250 until 1812 and in Syria until 1516. The Mammalukes boast, that they have the nimblest and readiest… …   Wiktionary

  • mameluke — n. member of a military unit that was made up of slaves converted to Mohammedanism that seized control of the sultanate in 1250 in Egypt and held the throne until 1517 and continued in power until 1811 when it was exterminated by Mehemet Ali; (in …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Mameluke — [ maməlu:k] noun a member of a regime descended from slaves, that formerly ruled parts of the Middle East. Origin from Fr. mameluk, from Arab. mamlūk (passive participle used as a noun meaning slave ), from malaka possess …   English new terms dictionary

  • mameluke — mam·e·luke …   English syllables

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